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Marianna Airport Commerce Park

In January 1998, the City of Marianna and FAA executed a Deed of Release for two tracts of land for the development of the Marianna Airport Industrial Park. The northern tract is approximately 245 acres in size and the southern tract has approximately 374 acres. Because of their value to businesses, several parcels within the southern tract have already been sold and developed for industrial development.

The Marianna Airport Commerce Park, located adjacent to the Marianna Municipal Airport, features 237 acres of property that is ready for development. The area has a history of being a manufacturing and distribution center, where employers have access to a highly skilled workforce, as well as an outstanding transportation infrastructure.

Because the park is adjacent to the airport, industries located here would have immediate access to two multi-directional runways including a newly resurfaced 6,001 feet runway (north/south) and an intersecting 4,900-foot-long runway (east/west). The park offers expandable boundaries and a Class 4 ISO fire rating.

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Marianna Wants
Your Business

Marianna has a very cooperative and dedicated City Commission, City Manager, and Public Works Director, and Economic Development Office – all of whom are poised to help you take your business to the next level – and you have the perfect place to put your business.

According to Tiffany Garling, Executive Director of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, “The Commerce Park is a very attractive site because we have a lot of facilities already in place and we also have a lot of room for expansion. We have worked on the land on the north side of the runway and done all the due diligence with the city. We have all the infrastructure and testing in place and there is shovel ready land where we can break ground immediately.”

“Add to that,” Garling continues “the reality that we are a certified site with buildings ready to be occupied and land that is shovel-ready and that we can accommodate large and heavy aircraft, and you have the perfect location to consider. Give us a call and let us show you why The Marianna Airport Commerce Park is the perfect place to put your business.”

Commerce Park At-A-Glance

  • Acerage:
    269 Total, 214 Certified Developable Acres
  • Location:
    30.8356, -85.185799
  • Airport:
    Adjacent to the Marianna Municipal Airport
  • 48 miles from Dothan Regional Airport (DHN)
  • Sea Port:
    65 miles from Port Panama City
  • Roadways:
    7.6 miles from I-10 & accessible by Hwy 71
  • Electric:
    12.47 kV 3-phase distribution onsite provided by Florida Public Utilities
  • Natural Gas:
    4-inch line provided by Florida Gas Transmission

Shovel-Ready Sites

The Marianna Airport Commerce Park has 214 acres of land that are certified developable and shovel-ready. Site certification means that the City of Marianna has completed all due diligence items and can offer a detailed analysis as created by an international site selection firm. What this means to you is a reduction in risk factors, reduced site development costs, and a quicker turnaround on your construction deadlines. In other words, we’ve done a lot of the preliminary work so you can be up and running faster.


  • Certified as ready for business by Florida First Sites
  • 6,001 foot, newly resurfaced, runway (north/south)
  • Secondary 5,000 foot intersecting runway (east/west)
  • Two electric substations in close proximity
  • Competitive operating costs
  • Close to all major Southeastern markets
  • Significant concentration of military installations in the region which provides access to a highly-skilled talent pool due to military separations
  • Access to numerous regional workforce training assets:
    4 Universities, 4 Colleges, 6 Vocational Schools

Move-In Ready

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